Stevo, Vanessa, and Omar started Habitry, the coaching education company in 2014, with the mission to, “help the most people help the most people.”

In 2017, we started Betterish as an “art project” offshoot of Habitry’s Motivation Science and Education efforts. Betterish is where we share the all the complicated, messy, personal stories of real people getting better at stuff.

What we’re making

Right now, we make a weekly podcast, the bettercast, dedicated to real stories of people who got better at things. These are not your typical self-improvement journeys, precisely because they are real. Each episode is dedicated to a conversation with a real person about what getting better at things really looks like.

In addition, we post to instagram. @betterish_co is a bite-sized, visual alternative to the bettercast and an antidote to the curated performances typical of instagram.

What we’re selling

Nothing, yet.

What this is

Betterish is a work in progress, wholly devoted to the process of progress. We’re dedicated to showing you the preparation stages. To learning loudly and in public. And to building the whole business with you, right in front of your eyes. We don’t know what that is yet, but we also know we don’t want to default to the status quo that makes people feel broken. Or other. Or ugly. Or unloveable.

Because you’re none of those things. And wanting to be better at something doesn’t mean you have to hate who you are. It just means you’re curious about how much better you can be.

Or you know, betterish.